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  Basic Features

  • An open script-based system (You can look inside the scripts, learning about Linux configuration policy).
  • A pluggable, incremental file-system. (The various add-ons may be inserted and removed without compromising the functionality).
  • The System runs in RAM, and does not require installation, but it can be "cloned" to the HD or a CD-ROM.
  • The System uses profiles: a pool of configuration data always saved.
  • The same installation archive for Linux and Windows users.
Note: most of the following info is collected automagically with a script, on the fly, when this page is created.

  Supported Ethernet Cards


3c509		3c509 EtherLink3
3c59x		3Com "Vortex" and "Boomerang"
ne		NE2000 compatible
ne2k-pci	PCI ne2000 clones

SRV addon:
3c90x		EtherLink 10/100 PCI (3c905B, ec905C, etc)
eepro		Intel EtherExpress Pro/10
eepro100	Intel i82557 Ethernet
eexpress	Intel EtherExpress 16
rtl8139		RealTek RTL8129/8139 Fast Ethernet driver
pcnet32		AMD PCnet32 ethernet driver	

  Commands present in the BASE floppy disk

This is /bin,/sbin,/usr/bin and /usr/sbin

agetty	  crypt       finger	  ln	   printf   shutdown  umount
ash	  date	      fqn	  load	   ps	    sleep     umssetup
-ash	  dd	      free	  login    pwd	    swapoff   umssync
basename  df	      gateway	  logname  ra	    swapon    uname
bash	  dirname     getpwd	  losetup  README   sync      uniq
-bash	  dmesg       grep	  ls	   reboot   tar       unix2dos
busybox   domainname  gunzip	  lsmod    reset    tcpmon    update
bzip2	  dos2unix    gzip	  menu	   rgrep    tee       which
cat	  echo	      halt	  mkdir    rm	    tell      xwindow
chmod	  expr	      hostname	  mkswap   rmdir    timeit    zcat
chown	  fastdd      insmod	  more	   rmmod    timeout   zless
chvt	  fdflush     kill	  mount    roclone  timex
clear	  fdformat    killall	  mv	   scan     tips
clone	  fdisk       killall5	  netstat  sed	    touch
cmp	  fgrep       less	  od	   setup    tr
cp	  file	      liloconfig  pidof    sh	    type

chkpasswd  init  setlevel

addon-wizard  e3ws	       iw	      pciprobe	      sort
adduser       edit	       keymap-wizard  peek	      stty
anacron       editor-wizard    lang-wizard    ping	      suck
apps	      eject	       less	      pion	      supermount
at	      ethconfig        lilo	      playcd	      systest
atd	      ex	       loadkeys       plog	      tail
atq	      fax	       lpq	      poke	      tcpdump
atrm	      fetchmail        lpr	      ppp	      tcpmon
awk	      file	       lprm	      pppd	      tell
banner	      find	       m4	      ppp-log	      telnet
bc	      finger	       mail	      ppp-off	      telnet2
binpatch      fmt	       man	      ppp-on	      time
browser       formail	       mawk	      pr	      tinyirc
cal	      format	       mc	      printer-wizard  traceroute
call	      ftp	       md5sum	      ps	      tty
cardmgr       ftpget	       menu	      pscan	      uniq
cdp	      gagconfig        minicom	      quark	      upgrade
cd-player     gpm	       miterm	      random	      vcm
cdrom-wizard  grep	       mixer	      rc6crypt	      vi
chat	      hdparm	       mke2fs	      readchar	      video-wizard
chroot	      help	       mkfloppy       read_until      vplay
clock	      hexd	       mkfs.ext2      redir	      vrec
connected     ifconfig	       modem-wizard   report	      vsetup
counter       ile	       mon	      rlogin	      wave
dhcpcd	      inews	       mouse-wizard   rmmod	      wc
diald	      info	       muawk	      rna	      welcome
dialog	      insmod	       mucal	      route	      whois
du	      internet-wizard  muhex	      rpost	      wizard
e3	      ip_broadcast     muless	      sendmail	      xfdisk
e3em	      ipf	       nc	      setserial       xopen
e3ne	      ipfwadm	       netled	      smbmount	      xwindow
e3pi	      ip_network       news	      sms
e3vi	      irc	       nmap	      soft-shutdown

cron	in.faxd  in.identd  in.rlogind	in.telnetd	   mugetty  run-parts
identd	in.ftpd  in.pygmy   in.seriald	in.telnetd-rustic  pygmy


Last update: 21 Oct 2003