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muLinux F.A.Q: Frequently Asked Question with (some) Fractured Answer

Michele Andreoli

A collection of questions and answers, partly invented, partly derived directly from the mailing list and from the correspondence relative to muLinux. It is not to be assumed that what is written here is in reality useful for any particular purpose, nor that it corresponds exactly to the actual structure of muLinux. If the information contained within seems to you inadequate or, more appropriately useless, please send an email to the Fractured(TM) Software Foundation: they will be glad to give you a complete refund of what you paid for this document, excluding support ;-)

1. Introdution

2. General, curiosities, tidbits of information

3. Technical

4. Networking

5. Installation

6. Inst

7. tech

8. Miscellaneus

9. Other formats of this FAQ

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