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AlignData A template class for aligning buffer data with a particular data type.
AsNumA class for storing an AS number used by protocols such as BGP.
AsyncFileOperatorBase class for asynchronous file transfer operations.
AsyncFileReaderRead asynchronously from a file.
AsyncFileWriterWrite asynchronously to non-blocking file.
BaseAndDerivedClass to determine if two types are base and derived.
BufferA class for storing buffered data.
CallbackSafeObjectBase class for objects that are callback safe.
ConfigParamA class for storing a configuration parameter.
DiscardNextHopA nexthop that is the discard interface.
EventLoopEvent Loop.
HeapBase Objects stored on the heap should inherit from this class.
IPEncapsNextHopAn IP nexthop that is an encapsulation tunnel.
IPExternalNextHopAn IP nexthop that is not an intermediate neighbor.
IPNetA template class for subnets.
IPNextHopTemplate class for nexthop information.
IPPeerNextHopA nexthop that is an immediate neighbor.
IPv4IPv4 address class.
IPv6IPv6 address class.
IPvXBasic IPvX class (for both IPv4 and IPv6).
IPvXNet IPvXNet class.
IPvXRangeA linear IPvX class template (IPvX low)..(IPvX high).
InvalidAddressA standard XORP exception that is thrown if an address is invalid.
InvalidBufferOffsetA standard XORP exception that is thrown if a buffer ofset is invalid.
InvalidCastA standard XORP exception that is thrown if a cast is invalid.
InvalidFamilyA standard XORP exception that is thrown if an address family is invalid.
InvalidNetmaskLengthA standard XORP exception that is thrown if an IP netmask length is invalid.
InvalidPacketA standard XORP exception that is thrown if the packet is invalid.
InvalidPortA standard XORP exception that is thrown if a port is invalid.
InvalidStringA standard XORP exception that is thrown if a string is invalid.
IoEventTuple A tuple specifying a Windows object and I/O event type.
MacIEEE standard 48-bit address.
MiniTraitsClass to determine subset of type traits.
MiniTraits::<const U>
NextHopGeneric class for next-hop information.
PVariableUnknown Container keyed by profile variable holding log entries.
Profile Support for profiling XORP.
ProfileUtils Utility methods to be used by programs providing profiling.
RangeA template class for implementing linear ranges X..Y.
RefTrie The RefTrie itself
RefTrieNodeRefTrieNode definition.
RefTriePostOrderIterator Postorder Iterator on a trie.
RoundRobinObjBase Objects stored in the RoundRobinQueue should inherit from this class.
RoundRobinQueue The Round-robin queue.
RunCommandA class for running an external command.
RunCommandBaseBase virtual class for running an external command.
RunCommandBase::ExecIdClass for setting the execution ID when running the command.
RunShellCommandA class for running an external command by invoking a shell.
SafeCallbackBaseBase class for safe callbacks.
SelectorListA class to provide an interface to I/O multiplexing.
SelectorListObserverBaseAbstract class used to receive SelectorList notifications.
ServiceBaseBase class for Services.
ServiceChangeObserverBaseBase class for service status change observer.
ServiceFilteredChangeObserverSelective Change Observer.
SystemClock An implementation of ClockBase that uses the underlying system's 'get current system time' function as it's clock source.
TestInfo This class is passed as the first argument to each test function/method.
TestMain A helper class for test programs.
TimeSliceA class for computing whether some processing is taking too long.
TimeSpent(Debugging) Used to find code that has taken too long to execute.
TimeValTimeVal class.
TimerListXorpTimer creation and scheduling entity.
TimerListObserverBaseAbstract class used to receive TimerList notifications.
Tlv <Type,Length,Value> Read and Write TLV records.
TransactionManagerA class for managing transactions.
TransactionManager::Transaction Transaction class, just a list of operations to be dispatched.
TransactionOperationBase class for operations within a Transaction.
Trie The Trie itself
TrieNodeTrieNode definition.
TriePostOrderIterator Postorder Iterator on a trie.
TriePreOrderIterator Preorder Iterator on a trie.
U32RangeA linear range class (uint32_t low)..(uint32_t high).
UnreachableNextHopA nexthop that is the unreachable interface.
VifVirtual Interface class.
VifAddrVirtual interface address class.
WinDispatcherA class to provide an interface to Windows native I/O multiplexing.
XorpExceptionA base class for XORP exceptions.
XorpFdXorpFd definition.
XorpReasonedExceptionA base class for XORP exceptions that keeps the reason for exception.
XorpTimerXorpTimer class.
XorpUnexpectedHandler XorpUnexpectedHandler installs the xorp_unexpected_handler when instantiated and re-installed the previous handler when uninstantiated.
cref_counter_poolclass for maintaining the storage of counters used by cref_ptr.
cref_ptrCompact Reference Counted Pointer Class.
ref_counter_poolclass for maintaining the storage of counters used by ref_ptr.
ref_ptrReference Counted Pointer Class.

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