class AsyncFileOperator

Base class for asynchronous file transfer operations. More...

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Asynchronous file transfer operations allow data to be transferred to or from user supplied buffers. A callback is invoked on each transfer. Transfer stops when the available buffers are exhausted.

enum Event { DATA = 1, FLUSHING = 2, OS_ERROR = 4, END_OF_FILE = 8, WOULDBLOCK = 16 }


typedef XorpCallback4<void, Event, const uint8_t*, size_t, size_t>::RefPtr Callback


Callback type user provides when adding buffers to sub-classes AsyncFileOperator. Callback's are on a per buffer basis and invoked any time some I/O is performed. The offset field refers to the offset of the last byte read, or written, from the start of the buffer.

Callback has arguments: ErrorCode e, uint8_t* buffer, size_t buffer_bytes, size_t offset

size_t  buffers_remaining ()


[const pure virtual]

Returns: the number of buffers available.

void  flush_buffers ()


[pure virtual]

Stop asynchronous operation and clear list of buffers.

bool  start ()


[pure virtual]

Start asynchronous operation.

Returns: true on success, false if no buffers are available.

void  stop ()


[pure virtual]

Stop asynchronous operation.

bool  resume ()


Resume stopped asynchronous operation.

Returns: true on success, false if no buffers are available.

bool  running ()



Returns: true if asynchronous I/O is started.

XorpFd  fd ()



Returns: file descriptor undergoing asynchronous operation.

int  error ()



Returns: the last error code returned by the underlying OS.

 AsyncFileOperator (EventLoop& e, XorpFd fd, int priority = XorpTask::PRIORITY_DEFAULT)



 ~AsyncFileOperator ()


[protected virtual]

EventLoop& _eventloop



XorpFd _fd



bool _running



int _last_error



int _priority



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