class RunCommand

A class for running an external command. More...

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typedef XorpCallback2<void, RunCommand*, const string&>::RefPtr OutputCallback


typedef XorpCallback3<void, RunCommand*, bool, const string&>::RefPtr DoneCallback


typedef XorpCallback2<void, RunCommand*, int>::RefPtr StoppedCallback


 RunCommand (EventLoop& eventloop, const string& command, const list<string>& argument_list, RunCommand::OutputCallback stdout_cb, RunCommand::OutputCallback stderr_cb, RunCommand::DoneCallback done_cb, bool redirect_stderr_to_stdout, int task_priority = XorpTask::PRIORITY_DEFAULT)


Constructor for a given command and its list with arguments.


eventloopthe event loop.
commandthe command to execute.
argument_listthe list with the arguments for the command to execute.
stdout_cbthe callback to call when there is data on the standard output.
stderr_cbthe callback to call when there is data on the standard error.
done_cbthe callback to call when the command is completed.
redirect_stderr_to_stdoutif true redirect the stderr to stdout.
task_prioritythe priority to read stdout and stderr.
void  set_stopped_cb (StoppedCallback cb)


Set the callback to dispatch when the program is stopped.


cbthe callback's value.

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