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AcceptInstruction to accept a route.
FilterBaseBase class for all policy filters.
InstrVisitorVisitor pattern to traverse a structure of instructions.
InstructionBase class for an instruction.
IvExecVisitor that executes instructions.
IvExec::RuntimeErrorRun time errors, such as doing unsupported operations.
LoadInstruction to read a variable via VarRW interface.
NaryInstrAn N-ary operation.
OnFalseExitInstruction that exits the current term if top of stack is false.
PolicyFilterA generic policy filter.
PolicyFilter::ConfErrorException thrown on configuration error.
PolicyFiltersA container for all policy filters a protocol should support.
PolicyInstrContainer for terms instructions.
PolicyRedistMapA Map between policytags and where the route should be redistributed.
PolicyTagsA set of policy tags. A policytag is a marker for a route.
PolicyTags::PolicyTagsErrorException thrown on failed initialization of tags.
PushPush operation. Pushes a single element on the stack.
PushSetPush a set on the stack.
RejectInstruction to reject a route.
SetManagerClass that owns all sets. It resolves set names to ElemSet's.
SetManager::SetNotFoundException thrown when a set with an unknown name is requested.
SingleVarRWAn interface to VarRW which deals with memory management.
SingleVarRW::SingleVarRWErrException thrown on error, such as reading unsupported variable.
StoreInstruction to write a variable via VarRW interface.
TermInstrContainer of instructions.
VersionFilterPolicy filters which support versioning [i.e. keep old version].
VersionFiltersPolicy filters which support versioning [i.e. keep old version].
policy_backend_parserMinimises global namespace pollution of yacc/lex variables.

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