namespace policy_backend_parser

Minimises global namespace pollution of yacc/lex variables. More...

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The nature of lex and yacc causes global variables / functions to be present. Here such methods and functions are grouped under one namespace.

typedef vector<PolicyInstr*> POLICIES


int  policy_backend_parse (vector<PolicyInstr*>& outpolicies, map<string,Element*>& outsets, SUBR& outsubr, const string& conf, string& outerr)


Parses a backend policy configuration.

Caller is responsible for deleting partially parsed policies and sets.


outpoliciesthe parse tree of all policies.
outsetsthe pair of set-name / content.
confthe configuration to parse.
outerrstring filled with parse error message, on error.

Returns: 0 on success. Otherwise, outerr is filled with error message.

extern vector<PolicyInstr*>* _yy_policies


extern map<string,Element*>* _yy_sets


extern vector<TermInstr*>* _yy_terms


extern vector<Instruction*>* _yy_instructions


extern bool _yy_trace


extern SUBR* _yy_subr


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