class PolicyRedistMap

A Map between policytags and where the route should be redistributed. More...

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Public Methods

Detailed Description

This map normally resides in the RIB. As routes pass through the rib, their policytags need to be analyzed. According to these tags, the route must be sent to various routing protocols to enable export policies.

 PolicyRedistMap ()


 ~PolicyRedistMap ()


void  insert (const string& protocol, const PolicyTags& tags)


Configure redistribution to a protcol for these tags.


protocoldestination protocol for these tags.
tagspolicytags which need to be redistributed to the protocol.
void  reset ()


Reset the redistribution map

void  get_protocols (set<string>& out, const PolicyTags& tags)


Obtain which protocols the route containing these tags should be sent to.


outwill be filled with protocols route should be sent to.
tagspolicytags that need to be resolved.

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