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(?) RMA for Video Card

From Siddhartha Bezbaruah on Sat, 01 May 1999

(?) I am mailing this on behalf of Software Decsions Inc., Houton, TX 77036. [ normally, I etch out personalized information like this. But this person seems to want their name up, so what the heck, I'll leave it in. -- Heather ]

I have been calling at 541-967-2450 to get an RMA number for one of my company's VIPER V330 video card. The customer service connected me to the technical support or RMA department and they hunged up two times. I also faxed the required information at 254-750-9051 on April 21, 1999. But there is no reaponse.

Please, let me know how to get an RMA from Diamond Multimedia.

(!) I don't know. I suppose I could try to dig up the phone number for the one guy that I know that works there (in their QA department). I had lunch with him last Saturday.
However, Diamond is big company. I'd probably have to do exactly the same sorts of things you're doing. Call them up, go through some labyrinthine voice menu system, explain my problem --- at least twice, and feel like a supplicant at the high temple doing pennance for my ill-informed purchasing decision.
What's odd is that I was under the impression that Diamond was releasing programming specs for most of their recent video cards so I'm curious why you're having a problem. I'm not familiar with this particular model (manufacturers churn through video chipsets and models so fast that I've just given up on tracking any names or model numbers).
In any event I'm not the customer service department or the "consumer watchdog" so you can't sick ME on them. You'll have to go fight that battle yourself.

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