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(?) AOL

From Ydoc10 on Mon, 17 May 1999

Is there any way to access AOL E-mail without knowing the password and being undetected?? As in showing mail read, etc.

Also...same question for AOL IM's....

Really need to know Thanks

(!) Not that I know of. In any event it sounds like such activities would be illegal and petty. In addition this question has nothing to do with Linux.
So, where do you idiots get my address and why do you ask me these silly, irrelevant and juvenile questions?
Actually you could "access" AOL E-mail by sniffing any network connection over which it was travelling. Of course you'd have get access to said network segment while the victim was access his or her e-mail.
You could probably also get it from the victim's computer if you surrepticiously gained access to that (it probably appears in temporary files and possibly in removed/deleted file fragments.
Naturally you could send the victim a hacked up "upgrade" to their AOL software and hope that he or she is stupid enough to install it.
Then again you could walk into one of the AOL offices and try to gain direct access to their servers. That should be entertaining.
If you actually try any of these moronic schemes I hope you get promptly arrested and suffer a humiliating time in the press.

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