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(?) Data "Losted" (sic)

From Andres Martinez Pintor on Thu, 20 May 1999

(?) I lost all information in my drive using diskedit.The parameter block BPB was losted.I don't have anything in diskedit ...it's all in 00.All I want is the disk drive operating...the information and programs not needed .Is there a program for this? to get to c:\

Samsung VA 34324A 4.3G Please help me.

(!) First this doesn't sound like a Linux question. There isn't any Linux program named "diskedit" that I've ever heard of, and we don't designate out filesystems using names like "C:"
Next, what were you doing in DiskEdit if you don't know how to use it, and you didn't have a current backup?
Last, if you don't care about the data (information and programs not needed) then why not simply repartition the drive and put new filesystems on it?
(If you do care about the data you could always try Norton utilities "UNFORMAT.EXE" program. One trick we used to do with that, when I was on the Norton tech support team, is to FORMAT a drive, then immediately UNFORMAT it. This often recovered most of the data, relatively quickly and painlessly. However, I don't work for Norton, or Symantec, anymore. so if you want their help, on the legacy DOS derived platforms that I've abandoned, call them).

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