The WishboneTK

General Description

WhisnoneTK is a set of IP cores designed to be compatible with the Wishbone bus specification. The members of the tool-kit are general purpose building-blocks whose (hopefuly) make designing Wishbone compatible devices easier. The elements in the libarary are avaliable free for any kind of use . The parts in the library use an extended signal-set than defined in the Wishbone interface. The toolkit supposed to be technology independent. That's acheaved by moving all technology-specific code to a different package. Porting that package to other technologies than the current one (Altera+Exemplar) is easy. That package can also be downloaded.

The elements currently in the library are:

These elements are contained in the wb_tk package.

There are some procedures useful for testing Wishbone devices in the package test.

Other elements planned for the toolkit:


The source for the toolkit can be downloaded from the CVS repository. You can browse the repository here or use CVSget with module name wb_tk.

Author & Maintainer

Andras Tantos