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AuthHandlerBaseBase clase for RIPv2 authentication mechanisms.
MD5AuthHandlerRIPv2 Authentication handler for MD5 scheme.
MD5AuthHandler::MD5Key Class to hold MD5 key information.
MD5PacketRouteEntry4Route Entry for MD5 data.
MD5PacketRouteEntry4WriterClass for writing data to MD5 authentication entry.
MD5PacketTrailerContainer for MD5 trailer.
MD5PacketTrailerWriterClass for writing data to MD5 authentication trailer.
NetCmpA network comparitor class for the purposes of ordering networks in sorted containers.
NullAuthHandlerRIPv2 Authentication handler when no authentication scheme is employed.
OutputBaseBase class for RIP output processing components.
OutputTableRoute Table Output class.
OutputUpdatesTriggered Updates Output class.
PacketAssemblerSpecStateIPv6 specialized PacketAssembler state.
PacketQueueOutbound packet queue.
PacketRouteEntryRoute Entry appearing in RIP packets on IPv6.
PeerRIP Peer.
PeerCountersContainer of counters associated with a peer.
PeerRoutesRIP Peer Routes.
PlaintextAuthHandlerRIPv2 Authentication handler for plaintext scheme.
PlaintextPacketRouteEntry4Route Entry for Plaintext password.
PlaintextPacketRouteEntry4WriterClass for writing data to Plaintext password authentication entry.
PortRIP Port.
PortAFSpecStateIPv6 specialized Port state.
PortCountersContainer of counters associated with a Port.
PortIOBase Base class for RIP Port I/O classes.
PortIOUserBaseBase class for users of Port I/O classes.
PortManagerBaseBase for RIP Port container and factory classes.
PortTimerConstantsContainer of timer constants associated with a RIP port.
RIPVarRWEnables reading and writing variables of RIP routes.
RIP_AF_CONSTANTS Basis of specialized classes containing RIP constants.
RedistRouteOriginRoute Origination class for RouteRedistributor instances.
RequestTablePacketAssemblerClass to configure a RIP packet to be a table request.
ResponsePacketAssemblerClass for RIP Response Packet Assemblers.
RibNotifierBaseBase class for RIB notificatiers.
RipPacketRIP Packet class.
RipPacketHeaderHeader appearing at the start of each RIP packet.
RouteDBClass that manages routes.
RouteEntry RIP Route Entry Class.
RouteEntryOrigin Base class for originators of RIP route entires.
RouteEntryRefRouteEntry reference class.
RouteRedistributorStore for redistributed routes.
RouteWalkerAsynchronous RouteDB walker.
SystemTop Level container for XORP RIP implementation.
Trace All the trace variables in one place.
UpdateQueueUpdate Queue for RIP Route entries.
UpdateQueueReaderReader for UpdateQueue class.
XrlPortManagerClass for managing RIP Ports and their transport systems.
XrlProcessSpyClass that watches remote FEA and RIB processes.
XrlRedistManager Xrl Route redistribution manager.
XrlRibNotifierClass to send RIP updates to RIB process.
XrlRipCommonTargetCommon handler for Xrl Requests.
peer_has_address Unary Function Predicate class for use with STL to determine if a peer has an address.

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