class OutputUpdates

Triggered Updates Output class. More...

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Detailed Description

The OutputUpdate class produces an asynchronous sequence of triggered update packets.

Specialized implementations exist for IPv4 and IPv6.

 OutputUpdates (EventLoop& e, Port<A>& port, PacketQueue<A>& pkt_queue, RouteDB<A>& rdb, const A& ip_addr = RIP_AF_CONSTANTS<A>::IP_GROUP(), uint16_t ip_port = RIP_AF_CONSTANTS<A>::IP_PORT)


 ~OutputUpdates ()


void  ffwd ()


Fast forward iterator doing triggered up reading.

Triggered updates do not run during periodic route table dumps. This method should be called immediately before halting for periodic update as it will effectively stop the output of updates that are already covered in table dump.

void  output_packet ()



Reimplemented from OutputBase.

void  start_output_processing ()



Reimplemented from OutputBase.

void  stop_output_processing ()



Reimplemented from OutputBase.

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