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ASExternalDatabase Storage for AS-external-LSAs with efficient access.
ASExternalLsa AS-external-LSA
AddressInfo OSPFv3 only, the information stored about an interface address.
Adv Storage for routing table entries indexed by advertising router.
AreaRouter Area Router
AreaRouter::PeerState Internal state that is required about each peer.
Auth This is the class that should be instantiated to access authentication.
AuthHandlerBaseBase clase for OSPFv2 authentication mechanisms.
BadPeer Bad Peer exception.
DataBaseHandle DataBase Handle
DataDescriptionPacket Database Description Packet
DebugIO Debugging implementation of IO for use by test programs.
DelayQueue Entries can be added to the queue at any rate.
External Handle AS-external-LSAs.
HelloPacket Hello packet
IO An abstract class that defines packet reception and transmission.
IPv6Prefix RFC 2470 A.
InternalRouteEntry Internal routing entry, potentially one per area.
IntraAreaPrefixLsa OSPFv3 only: Intra-Area-Prefix-LSA
LinkLsa OSPFv3 only: Link-LSA
LinkStateAcknowledgementPacket Link State Acknowledgement Packet
LinkStateRequestPacket Link State Request Packet
LinkStateUpdatePacket Link State Update Packet
Ls_request Link State Request as sent in a Link State Request Packet.
Lsa Link State Advertisement (LSA)
LsaDecoder LSA byte streams are decoded through this class.
LsaTempStore Router-LSA and Intra-Area-Prefix-LSA store.
Lsa_header LSA Header.
MD5AuthHandlerOSPFv2 Authentication handler for MD5 scheme.
MD5AuthHandler::MD5Key Class to hold MD5 key information.
Neighbour Neighbour specific information.
NeighbourInfo Neighbour information that is returned by XRLs.
NullAuthHandlerOSPFv2 Authentication handler when no authentication scheme is employed.
Options Helper class to manipulate the options field in packets and LSAs.
OspfTypes OSPF Types
Packet All packet decode routines must inherit from this interface.
PacketDecoder Packet byte streams are decoded through this class.
Peer A peer represents a single area and is bound to a PeerOut.
Peer::Candidate Possible DR or BDR candidates.
PeerManager Peer Manager: 1) Monitor the state of the interfaces.
PeerManager::Summary Saved summaries that can be introduced into a new area.
PeerOut In OSPF terms this class represents an interface/link; interface is too overloaded a term.
PlaintextAuthHandlerOSPFv2 Authentication handler for plaintext scheme.
RouteEntry External view of a routing entry.
RouterInfo Router ID and associated interface ID.
RouterLink Defines a link/interface, carried in a RouterLsa.
SimpleTransmit A transmit object that sends fixed data.
SummaryNetworkLsa OSPFv2: Summary-LSA Type 3 OSPFv3: Inter-Area-Prefix-LSA
SummaryRouterLsa OSPFv2: Summary-LSA Type 4 OSPFv3: Inter-Area-Router-LSA
Trace All the trace variables in one place.
Transmit The base class for all transmissions.
Type7Lsa Type-7 LSA used to convey external routing information in NSSAs.
Vertex Vertex required for computing the shortest path tree.
Vlink Manage all the state for virtual links.
Vlink::Vstate State about each virtual link.
XrlIO Concrete implementation of IO using XRLs.
XrlQueue XXX - This should be moved to its own file.

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