class Transmit

The base class for all transmissions. More...

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Detailed Description

The base class for all transmissions.

Typically a large number of Transmit objects could be queued for transmission. By the time a Transmit object is scheduled for transmission circumstances could have changed. It may no longer be appropriate to transmit this packet. Therefore allow a transmit object to become invalid. A single transmit object can generate a number of packets. For example for the database synchronisation process.

typedef ref_ptr<Transmit> TransmitRef


 ~Transmit ()



bool  valid ()


[pure virtual]

Is this object still valid?

Returns: True if this transmit object is still valid.

bool  multiple ()


[pure virtual]

A transmit object may be able to generate multiple packets; not just one.

Returns: True if this object can be invoked multiple times?

TransmitRef  clone ()


[pure virtual]

Make a copy of this object. If the same data is being sent to multiple locations, provide a mechanism to make a copy for each location.

uint8_t * generate (size_t &len)


[pure virtual]

Generate a packet for transmission.


lenlength of the encoded packet.

Returns: A pointer that must be delete'd.

A  destination ()


[pure virtual]

Returns: the destination address of this packet.

A  source ()


[pure virtual]

Returns: the source address of this packet.

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