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David Chong

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Updated: 6 Aug 2005

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David Chong is a final year student at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. Nearing completion of a double degree in Computer Systems Engineering and Business Administration, his interest in Linux, microprocessors and integrated circuit was not apparent until about his 3rd year at the university. Prompted by his senior lecturer, P.J. Radcliffe (also an author of LG) whose relentless enthusiasm for Linux and electronics revealed how robust and powerful the Linux operating system can be.

Also a 12-week vacation employment at ANSTO at Lucas Height, NSW introduced me to the wonderful world of microprocessors and their amazing applications.

Excited about entering into the workforce and working on some large-scale projects, David is also interested in Wing Chun Kung Fu and music, in particular the guitar, and hopes to create a rock band one day.