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P. J. Radcliffe

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Updated: 03/01/2005

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PJ Radcliffe is a senior lecturer at RMIT University in Melbourne Australia. His career started as an electronics/microprocessor engineer at Ericsson followed by consulting work in hardware and software, then an academic position at RMIT. Teaching has become a great pleasure, especially when linked with technologies and issues relevant to the workplace. In 2004 he received an award for "Student Centred Learning" from RMIT.

For many years he was a Microsoft junkie - but then had to run a lecture series on Linux, and got hooked. Who wouldn't be? Linux can be used as a turn-key GUI like Windows, a powerful server, and to control hardware.

His interests apart from Linux, software and hardware are... ( I'll remember in a tick)... (context switch)... a lovely wife who hates computers (the other women in my life, you see), three really nice kids, and a rather large garden.