Project: ps2_interface

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There is no user's guide for these modules. They are fairly self-contained and self-explanatory. The interface is not complicated, and the code is commented so that the user should be able to figure out how to incorporate these cores into a design. Failing this, the user is directed to examine the examples of these modules being used (there is one example for ps2_mouse.v and one for ps2_keyboard.v in the download section.)

When using these modules, pay attention to the parameters. Specifically those related to timing. The comments in the code will allow you to determine how to set the timer values to correspond with your clock rate. Also, if you are using the examples, the "serial.v" code is configured to operate at 115,200 baud, N:8:1 settings, using a 49.152MHz clock. You can re-configure the BAUD rate generator to work with different clock frequencies fairly easily, or else use a different serial interface if you want.

Also, further reference information on different commands that can be used with the keyboard and mouse can be found on the internet. These are the links which the author used: (mouse information). (Excellent mouse information!) (keyboard information)