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BinOperBase class for binary operations.
DispatcherLink between elements and operations. Executes operations on elments.
Dispatcher::OpNotFoundException thrown if no operation is found for given arguments.
ElemAnyGeneric Element wrapper for existing classes.
ElemAny::ElemInitErrorexception thrown if c-stype string initialization fails.
ElemBoolboolean element.
ElemCom3232bit unsigned integer with BGP communities friendly syntax. "X" -> (uint32_t) X ":X" -> (uint16_t) X "X:" -> ((uint16_t) X) << 16 "X:Y" -> (((uint16_t) X) << 16) + (uint16_t) Y.
ElemFiltera filter element. Used when versioning.
ElemInt3232bit signed integer.
ElemNullAn element representing nothing. Null.
ElemRefAny::ElemInitErrorexception thrown if c-stype string initialization fails.
ElemSetAnyA set of elements.
ElemStrstring element.
ElemU3232bit unsigned integer.
ElementBasic object type used by policy engine.
ElementFactoryA factory for creating elements based on their type.
ElementFactory::UnknownElementException thrown if an Unknown element is being created.
OperBase class for operations.
PolicyExceptionBase class for all policy exceptions.
RegisterElementsDoes the initial registration of ElementFactory callbacks.
RegisterOperationsDo initial registration of dispatcher callbacks.
UnOperBase class for unary operations.
VarRWInterface used by policy filters to execute a policy on a route.
filter A class which registers defined callbacks upon creation.
policy_utils Some generic utility functions used by different policy components.
policy_utils::PolicyUtilsErrGeneric exception for errors.

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