class SnmpEventLoop

A singleton EventLoop capable of exporting events to the snmp agent. More...

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The SnmpEventLoop class provides an EventLoop to all the MIB modules that need to communicate with XORP. The modules will use the EventLoop to instanciate listeners required for asyncronous inter-process communication with XORP.

typedef std::set<XorpFd> FdSet


typedef std::map<TimeVal, unsigned int> AlarmMap


SnmpEventLoop&  the_instance ()



This function provides the only way to instantiate this class, since all other constructors are private. Use it like this:

 SnmpEventLoop& e = SnmpEventLoop::the_instance();

Now use 'e' anywhere you would use an event loop in Xorp modules, for instance:

 XorpTimer xt = e.new_periodic_ms(100, callback);

NOTE: typically you would never need to call If you do, you should set a short timeout, since while your MIB module is blocked, you cannot process any other SNMP requests.

Returns: reference to the SnmpEventLoop used by all XORP MIB modules.

void  destroy ()


This will free the one and only instance

void  set_log_name (const char * n)



This is the name this class will use to identify itself in the snmpd log. Only used for debugging

const char *  get_log_name ()



AlarmMap _pending_alarms



FdSet _exported_readfds



FdSet _exported_writefds



FdSet _exported_exceptfds



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