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(?) Reading Iomega 250Mb Zip Cartridges/Media in Linux Mandrake 7.2

From jed hypes

Answered By Jim Dennis, Mike Orr

I m new to linix 7.2. I needed a change

please help me

(!) [Mike] Have you looked through the Mandrake documentation and the Linux HOWTOs at http://www.linuxdoc.org ? What have you tried to do and what failed? We are more likely to answer your question if you show you've put some effort into it first.
(!) [JimD]
More to the point, did you search Google!Linux (http://www.google.com/linux )? I tried the terms: "read mount iomega 250 zip" and the first link lead me to the:
Linux.com :: Learn :: HOWTOs - Zip Drive Mini-HOWTO
... which might answer your question. BTW (by the way) it's a good idea to re-iterate your question in the body of your e-mail, since some mail-user agents (clients) truncate the subject line, and others just put subject and other header lines in the periphery of the screen, or on completely separate windows, screens, etc.
Of course I cheated a little bit. I included the term "mount" (which is how we usually read from, write to, and other manipulate filesystems under UNIX and Linux, by "mounting" them unto a directory under our filesystem) and the company name of the Zip Drive's manufacturer "Iomega" --- so my search might be more effective than one which didn't include these bits of metadata. On the other hand searching Google! with just "read 250 zip" yielded similar results, but the link I gave was moved to second place. With the additional terms it was the topmost item. If I go to regular Google (rather than Google!Linux) and I use the less specific search term (excluding the term Linux) then I get a bunch of irrelevant results. (But including "linux" in the search term at the top level, generic Google! gets the same results as going to Google!Linux).
Of course there are other search engines, and there are many other results returned by these queries. So any of them might answer your question. However, if everyone used these techniques effectively, then the answer gang would only get "hard" questions.
To the original querent: I hope that mini-HOWTO guides to you to a simple solution.

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