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(?) getting volume label for CD

From Richard A. Bray

Answered By Karl-Heinz Herrmann, John Karns, Jim Dennis

I'm still trying to figure out how I would find the volume name for a CD. I want to catalog a large collection of CDs, but I need to get the name for my database records.

I created the CDs with the command mkisofs -r -J -D -V "cd-name" -o /data/cd.iso -pad /data/data_dir

I can see the volume name in Mickeysoft Windoze. How do I get it in Linux? I've looked in /proc, tried hdparm and others.


-- Richard A. Bray

(!) [K.-H.] So the volume label is burned ok. Linux just doesn't care what the CD is named. Why should it? You tell it where to make the cd content available in the directory structure by giving it the mount point.
If you want to know how it is named you can try using cdrecord -v 127 -toc or something like that. This will work for audio (look in the XYZ.inf files) but I don't know for data CD's.
(!) [John] I believe that many of the Linux audio cd player apps display this info. Workbone is one, IIRC.
(!) [Jim Dennis] Karl's suggestion should work, but if the CD device is IDE, you'll have to load the generic SCSI support first.

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