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(?) help installing telnetd

From dtrott

Answered By Ben Okopnik

I have recently installed debian 2.2, i was just wonderin if someone had a link or could suggest where i might find some basic instructions on setting up telnetd.

(!) [Ben] <Warning! Opinion time!> I can give you a one-word instruction manual:
Telnet is insecure, and its capabilities are seriously limited by comparison with SSH. Install ssh/sshd, and create an executable file in your /etc/init.d/ directory called "sshd" with the following content:

See attached sshd init script

Now, create a symlink in your /etc/rc2.d/:
ln -s /etc/init.d/sshd /etc/rc2.d/S20sshd
The "S20" part says to 'S'tart the service (rather than 'K'illing it); the '20' places it (on my system, at least - take a look at your own "rc2.d" and number it appropriately) just after the link to "inetd". The position of the link is not all that critical; next to "inetd" (which starts other network services) seems appropriate, though. If you want to run the server immediately after doing this, but don't want to reboot, simply type
at the command prompt.
That's it. Just type 'ssh' where you would usually type 'telnet'. Oh, and make sure to at least skim the 'ssh' and 'sshd' man pages; this will make you aware of the many options that are available with this protocol.
I have not researched SSH in great depth, by the way; "kill telnet" is sorta common wisdom at this point, and I've read just enough to agree with it. After using telnet for a number of years, I find that I'm very pleased by the configurability of SSH; that alone, security aspects aside, made it worth switching for me. It would be nice if the other TAG members chimed in with their take on the proper usage and better reasons, but I'm highly satisfied with my installation.

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