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(?) Searching for Days for a Linux Modem: The Daze Continues

From Chris on Tue, 08 Jun 1999

i have been searching for days trying to find a Linux compatable modem. could you recomend a decent one?

thank you chris

(!) Any external modem should work. Some internal modems will --- but I don't recommend internal modems as a rule.
Unfortunately modems are one of those classes of PC components where the specific models and brands change so often that I just can't keep track of the "good ones."
I personally like Zyxel and Practical Peripherals. I don't like the USR "Sportster" line (cheap) and find that their "Courier" series is of high quality but also inordinately high price for home applications. (ISPs see very high duty cycles on their modems --- the extra money spent on an industrial grade modem for them is usually well spent; home and most office system modems get only intermittent use and light duty cycles).

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