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(?) OPL-3 Sound Drivers

From Jeferson Oliveira Andeluz on Sat, 06 Feb 1999

(?) My name is Jeferson, I live in Sao Paulo, the biggest city of Brazil...

I seek for all web sites for this driver and I can't find one to make a download for this driver...

Please, if you know how can I give this driver, tell me, because my pc doesn't have any sound and it's very boring....

(!) Some OPL-3 sound drivers are included in the mainstream Linux kernel sources. You just select them at compile time (cd /usr/src/linux; make menuconfig)
You can test your sound drives by finding a .wav, .mod, .au or other sound files and issuing the 'play' command on them. (The 'play' command is part of the 'sox' (sound exchange) package). This ships with most general distributions --- though you might not have installed it.
Here's a command to find all of these sound files on a typical Linux system:
locate / | egrep "\.(au|mod|wav)$"
... you can do a sanity check on those with a similar command:
locate / | egrep "\.(au|mod|wav)$" | xargs file
... the 'file' command will identify them as some form of audio file if there contents match their filename extensions.
Here's a sneaky little script I call 'ftype' that filters a list of filenames based on the type reported by the 'file' command:
## This uses the 'file' command to filter out filenames whose
## contents don't match our spec
while read i ; do
    file "$i" | grep -q "$*" && echo "$i"
You'd call this with a command like:
locate / | egrep "\.(au|mod|wav)$" | ftype audio
... so you could play every sound on your system with a command like:
locate / | egrep "\.(au|mod|wav)$" | ftype audio | xargs -l play
I've talked about sound card support before:
The Answer Guy 34: Finding Soundcard Support
So, check those links and see if that helps.

(?) Thanks for your hear me...

I'll wait for your reply.... Jeferson

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