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(?)Finding Soundcard Support

From Nathan Balakrishnan on 23 Oct 1998


Do you know wheather YAHAMA OPL3-SAx WDM soundcard is directly supported by Redhat 5.0 and how would I go about setting it up under Linux if it isn't?


(!)The best source of information on this subject is probably the "The Linux Sound HOWTO" (http://www.ssc.com/linux/LDP/HOWTO/Sound-HOWTO.html) by Jeff Tranter <tranter@pobox.com>.
I think most of the kernel sound support was originally donated by Hannu Savolainen <hannu@voxware.pp.fi> of 4 Front Technology (http://www.4Front-Tech.com/oss.html) which also sells their "Open Sound System" package (for about $20 US (presumably)).
The version that's included with Linux is known as OSS/Free while OSS/Linux is 4 Front's commercial version. They also support sound drivers on numerous other versions of Unix.
I guess there is an independent "Linux Ultra Sound Project" (http://home.pf.jcu.cz/~perex/ultra) which a list of or "Advanced Linux Sound Architecture" which includes your model on their list of supported cards (http://alsa.jcu.cz/src/soundcards.html).
So, try reading those and see if that helps. I personally have almost never used any sound cards. My computers make enough noise with all those fans and disk drives.

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