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3. Installing FEddi

3.1 User installation fido.

We'll install fido as a mail user, but you can give it another name.

If you see ~/ in this document, we refer to the user's home directory.

3.2 Necessary packages

You'll need:

3.3 mailer installation/configuration.

Change to the directory /FEddi-0.9pl5

  1. Edit the file Makefile, put for variable SRCDIR your fonts' path, e.g.:
  2. Add to the beginning of the line NODEPRG =: nlfunct.o else it won't compile.
  3. make
  4. If you get the following error:
    ncurses.h: No such file or directory
    ln -s /usr/include/ncurses/curses.h /usr/include/ncurses/ncurses.h
  5. su root
    make install
  6. It seems that the install utility doesn't copy all of the utilities; do the following:
    cp utils/* ~/fnet/utility
  7. A few files need modification:
  8. The fnet directory has the following contents:
    Create these directories and do the following:
    chown -R fnet
  9. Configuration file ~/.feddirc:
    ; This .feddirc was automatically created with config.user
    ; Profile Section
    PROFILE Manuel Soriano
    2:346/207.punto net_name the_passwd outbound 2:*
    25:946/100.punto other_net_name the_passwd outbound 25:*
    93:346/101.punto other_net_name the_passwd outbound 93:*
    ; The first line is your main address, the following are subnets, the routing
    ; fro 25: to 93: is done by means of 2:
    ; Paths
    MsgBasePath  ~/fnet/msgbase/
    InboundPath  ~/fnet/inbound/
    OutboundPath ~/fnet/
    UtilityPath  ~/fnet/utility
    Log          ~/fnet/log/feddi.log 200
    CopyPath     ~/fnet/copy/
    NodelistPath ~/fnet/nodelist/
    ; Misc
    Packer       /usr/bin/zip -q -m -k -j %s %s
    ; Editor       /usr/bin/vi %s
    Beep         Yes
    AutoDelEmpty Yes
    KeepPKT      No
    KeepNL       Yes
    KeepBackups  No
    ShowAllAddr  Yes
    MaxMsgLength 64k
    QuoteLength 70
    ReplySubject No
    AskForOrigName Yes
    AutoNextFolder Yes
    ; End of .feddirc
    You may base your configuration on this file, as it works for me without troubles.
  10. File ~/fnet/nodelist/fnlcrc
    dial    34-6-   3
    dial    34-6    
    dial    *       
    pointlist       ptlstr34
    pointlist       eu_point
    nodelist        region34
    nodelist        eu_nodes
    dial : According to your zone 34-6 (Valencia), 34-1 (Madrid), 34-3 (Barcelona), etc... As pointlist, the different lists of points, you may use the point lists that come from the bbs, without modification. As nodelist, the different lists of nodes, you may use the node lists that come from the bbs, without modification. That's it.
  11. Compiling the nodelist/pointlist I'm using the following scripts. They are simple and work. This will compile the lists. If you run into troubles, certainly it's about permissions. Check four files, normally the binaries go to /usr/bin

3.4 Check and usage.

Check your mail. Look for a mail package you might have for MS/DOS. Put it into the directory ~/fnet/inbound and do

ftoss ; futility pack ; futility link

This will always be the way to handle your incoming mail. ftoss will create automatically the folder according to your areas.


If everything went well you'll see the mail of that package on your screen :-)

The editor is quite simple and well documented. It looks somewhat like the fmail's editor.

Create a message in an area or two and do the following:


This will always be the way to handle your outgoing mail.

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