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2. Introduction

Welcome as a future fellow of feddi and bt :-)

Congratulations for your decision to install this package. It's not too complicated, the only troubles you may run in are some permissions. The sources included in this package have already been patched to grant a smoother working.

As well fmbedit as bt show some minor problems, so don't flame as much and think that you didn't pay anything for it. You may contribute correcting bugs. Don't hold them for yourself, share them. Send me patches and will make this software improve. A hint: don't run it under X, the terminal data base doesn't work smoothly, I'm up to fix this. Surely, some day I'll be able to path this :-) (I used to say this would be the next :-DDDDDDDDDDD)

I'm in due with:

At the end of this file you'll find messages with hints, all sent by feddi

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