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Steve Brown

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Updated: Oct 24 2006


I work as a recruitment consultant for a company in Leicester, England. Sadly I am forced to use Windows and Citrix to log in to work, even though I have setup and demonstrated that this is entirely feasible using Linux. Nobody mentions the Windows word in my presence now, for fear that 'I'll go off on one'.

I've owned a computer since my first ZX81 with a 16k RAM pack. I learnt to program in C on an Amiga A500, which I modified and upgraded until it finally died of exhaustion in the mid-nineties. I had become addicted to the Fred Fish disks and used to enjoy tinkering with the public domain software that could be had for the cost of a disk. I was given a PC with Windows 98 installed and was very disappointed with the whole Windows scene. To my delight, I found that I could install Redhat 5.2 and I have not stopped tinkering since. I used Mandrake for a long time until I installed Ubuntu and found Debian heaven. I love reading about programming languages and all things Linux. I continually change my setup - it's a little bit like taking new toys out of the box. This week I am using WindowMaker, Vim, Mutt and Wyrd. Finally my 2GHZ box feels fast.