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Robin Rowe

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Updated: Jan 27 2008


Robin Rowe is the executive producer of COMEDY WALK, the project leader of CinePaint, a co-founder of ScreenPlayLab, and the founder of an association of film industry Linux users, LinuxMovies.org.

Robin writes for Linux Journal about the motion picture industry, where Linux is the #1 operating system for animation and visual effects. He's a sysadmin for a Hollywood soundstage. He's worked at DreamWorks Animation in technology R&D. He's taught C++ software design at the Naval Postgraduate School and at the University of Washington. He helped build the robotic studios at NBC-TV Chicago. He was a technical director for broadcast news at a mid-market NBC-TV station.

Robin went to sea on the aircraft carrier USS Lincoln and on the flagship USS Coronado to field test systems he created while chief technologist at Fortune 500 defense company SAIC. He's designed software for the Pentagon, the Navy, NORAD, SPAWAR, and the White House. He's a partner in MovieEditor.com and does consulting on special projects.