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Tom Parkin

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URL: http://www.thhp.org.uk
Updated: Mar 23 2010


Tom Parkin has been fascinated by the inner workings of digital technologies ever since his father brought home a VIC-20 sometime in the mid-eighties. Having spent most of his childhood breaking computers in a variety of inventive ways he decided to learn how to fix them again, a motivation which lead him to undertake an MEng degree in Electronic Systems Engineering in 2000. Since graduating he has pursued a career in embedded software engineering, and now feels that he has probably been responsible for more working computers than broken ones.

Tom was introduced to Linux when a friend lent him a thick stack of Mandriva installation CDs, and he has been using Open Source software ever since. Like most Linux users, Tom has tried many different distributions but is currently settled with Fedora at work and Crunchbang on his home machine.

When not tinkering with computers and Linux, Tom enjoys exploring the great outdoors on bike or on foot, and making music.