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Minh Van Nguyen

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Updated: Sep 13 2007


Minh Van Nguyen is currently an undergraduate student at Victoria University, Australia. He majors in computer science, but also dabbles in mathematics, especially number theory, abstract algebra, analysis and topology. He first came across Linux early in 2005 when he played with the Knoppix live CD distribution. By the end of that year, he had installed Fedora 4 on his home PC, configured to dual boot Linux and an OS starting with "W". Over the years, Minh has experimented with various Linux distributions including Knoppix, Fedora, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Debian. At home, he runs openSUSE, configured to dual boot with "W". At university, he mainly uses Ubuntu and openSUSE, but occasionally is forced to use "W" for reasons he prefers not to mention. Some day, he would like to start playing with Gentoo; that is, if he can find some way to support himself and have a home Internet connection while living on a tight student budget.

Minh occasionally finds himself helping his fellow students with their transition to Linux by giving away copies of various Linux distributions, delivering hands-on tutorials for installing and getting started with Linux, and answering Linux related questions. He is an avid LaTeX user who uses it for typesetting reports, assignments, tutorials and many other types of documents.

Just in case you're curious, the name "Minh Nguyen" is a _very_ common Vietnamese name. (You might as well call him "John Smith".) The name "Minh" itself is gender neutral. So, to lessen the likelihood that he is mistaken for someone else, refer to the photo provided. Here, you can see him sitting next to his favourite operating system.