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Mulyadi Santosa

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Updated: Sep 2 2009


Mulyadi Santosa is a male freelance writer who is also a tech entrepeneur. He owns a start up that teaches Linux-related courses for various levels of audience. Born and living on Indonesian soil, he is a proud Indonesian citizen. That explains a bit why he has to learn and practice English more.

Mulyadi has a Bachelor's degree in Informatics Engineering from a local state university, as well as an MCSE in the NT 4.0 track (an expired one, I know) and an RHCE in RHEL 4 (will expire once RHEL 6 is released, yeah I know that too). He has a desire to earn more certification titles, but he's afraid that will just force people to reserve more and more space to write his complete name plus titles.

He can be contacted via mulyadi.santosa@gmail.com (which also works as a GTalk ID) or through Yahoo Messenger, as paul_phoenix2779. He will try his best to reply to every email received, especially business deals. :)