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Updated: Feb 28 2007


MNZ was born in 1992 at Alexandria in Egypt, but never really lived there for more than two months in a row (at least ever since 1st grade) as his family moved to a country called Oman for financial reasons. He should be going back "home" to Egypt by 2007. Once there, he will be tortured through high school by the sharp edges of the educational system and the strange ways of the Egyptian society. If he happens to survive, he'll pursue a degree in Software Engineering.

He doesn't remember exactly how he found Linux (just as he doesn't remember many important turning points in his life, and remembers little details of random things instead), but he thinks he must have found it while searching for some wind0ze fix or something about VB. He is currently using LFS and just loves it.

MNZ enjoys poetry that reflects deep insight, and has in fact started keeping a collection recently. His other hobbies include reading, making sketches on school text books, and pretty much anything that kills time (when he is banned from the computer that is). MNZ also feels the deep necessity to express his great admiration of the movie "Memento".

He hates it when he gets the "You are a computer addict" speech, especially from his father, because when put into his place one can't help but escape through /dev/eth0.

That's all he has to say, he knows he talks too much but that's because he finds it a lot easier to do so over the Internet.