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Sudhir Menon

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Updated: Oct 29 2007


Sudhir Menon, Director of Engineering, GemStone Systems

With over 17 years of cutting edge software experience with marquee firms like Gemstone, Intel, EDS and CenterSpan communications, Sudhir Menon is one of the key architects for the Gemfire Enterprise Data Fabric. Sudhir is the Director of Engineering for GemStone Systems, Inc. and works closely with various development teams (both onsite and offshore) working on the Gemfire Enterprise Data Fabric. His expertise in distributed data management spans multiple languages (Java, C++ and .NET) and multiple platforms and he has architected and developed network stacks for the last 10+ years. At Centerspan communications, he was one of the key architects who built the largest secure peer to peer content distribution platform over the internet.