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Víctor Luaña

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Updated: Oct 15 2006


I'm a Spaniard, living in Oviedo, close to the northern coast of Spain. Married, with a teenager daughter ("hey, dad, this spiro thing is cool!"), I teach Physical Chemistry and do research on Theoretical Chemistry for a living. I have programmed on all sort of machines, from the mythical HP41C to the not less mythical Cray X and Y supercomputers (the end of an era left us short of a good crazy machine), for the last 25 years. I was captivated by linux around 1993, when our research group discovered the first Slackware distribution. Our current infrastructure is based on Debian and includes a half-mounted Top500 wannabee shared among many research groups.

On the left: self portrait in front of a mirror (Feb. 2006). Yes, I truly love photography, but I don't like appearing on images myself. Anyway, this self portrait has something that I don't dislike too much. The band on my left hand has disappeared long ago.