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Janine M. Lodato

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Updated: 2005-04-02

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I am a registered principal investigator with NSF.

I am a disabled woman, but have great experience with voice recognition and have an advanced system with IBM Via-Voice, so my writing abilities are not impaired at all.

I have many years of personal experience using assistive technologies (AT), and find it very helpful in SPMS (secondary progressive multiple sclerosis). In spite of my handicap, I find it gratifying and fulfilling to concentrate my efforts on worthwhile projects for very deserving companies. Involvement such as this has proved to have healing power for me: I am living proof of the power of behavioural medicine based on deep personal involvement. The best way to use these intellectual strengths is to get involved with collaborative teamwork and personal communications within the disabled community and with companies who provide assistive technologies for this community.

As a handicapped woman who still has control of her mental faculties and voice, I have something to offer by connecting the right people so that I can integrate systems through the Internet to develop a mutually beneficial virtual community.

Personal communications and collaborative teams need assistive technologies to further the self-esteem of the disabled. In short, involvement allows disabled people not only a distraction from their problems, but also a constructive way to spend their time while helping a cause they believe in.

Janine M. Lodato

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