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Neil Levine

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Updated: Mar 2 2011


Neil is the Vice President, Corporate Services at Canonical.

Neil has been working in the Internet and Telecoms industry for over 15 years. Before joining Canonical in 2009, he worked at Claranet where, as Chief Technology Officer, he helped build the company from a 15-employee, single-office organisation to a 650-employee company operating in nine countries. Prior to Claranet, Neil was a Systems Administrator at Easynet PLC and COLT Telecom PLC, where he was a passionate advocate of free and open-source software.Neil holds an MA in Political Science from Columbia University and a BSc in Economics from University College London.Neil says that "the potential for Ubuntu means that being at Canonical allows you to work with some of the world's best engineers and with cutting-edge technologies. Every day brings incredible intellectual challenges and the chance to change how people use computers."