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Martin Greaney

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Updated: Oct 16 2006


Martin was born and grew up in Liverpool, but now lives in Oxford with his girlfriend. As an archaeologist, by day he sorts Roman bricks into different colours, while at night he picks faults in historical civ games, or chases penguins down snowy slopes.

Initially stumbling across free software in 2004 because it was the only thing he could afford, he now sees open source as the way forward for archaeology, collaborative as it is, with archives that must be readable forever. As you can't expose yourself to Linux for long without seeing the amazing feats of coding wrought by others' bare hands, he recently rekindled an interest in HTML, stretching himself as far as MapServer and FWTools to create Liverpool Landscapes, a web site which will (one day) bring together his love of the city, archaeology and flashy internet presentation.

He also rarely dresses like this.