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John B Cole

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URL: http://funjackals.f2o.org/
Updated: 2003-5-31

Bio picture John is a scientist and programmer who has been using Linux since 1998, when a deranged - and somewhat frightening - colleague insisted that there was A Better Way. John is a supporter of free software, and has written several applications to support his research, and scratch itches, in PHP and Python. On several memorable occasions, he wrote PHP program that called Python programs, parsed the output streams, and presented the results. He promises to not do that anymore.

John is currently using Mandrake 9.1 on his desktop machine, but is going to switch to Gentoo and prove his manliness any day now.

John will be happy to tell you about his research in animal breeding and quantitative genetics just as soon as he can find a scrap of paper. You see, this next bit is rather technical...