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Sagar Borikar

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Updated: Jul 15 2007


I got introduced to Linux through the very well-known Tanenbaum vs. Torvalds debate. Till that time, all I'd heard was that Linux was just another Unix-like operating system. But looking at the immense confidence of a young college graduate who was arguing with the well-known professor, Minix writer, and network operating systems specialist got me interested in learning more about it. From that day forward, I couldn't leave Linux alone - and won't leave it in the future either. I started by understanding the internals, and the more I delved into it, the more gems I discovered in this sea of knowedge. Open Source development really motivates you to learn and help others learn!

Currently, I'm actively involved in working with the 2.6 kernel and specifically the MIPS architecture. I wanted to contribute my 2 cents to the community - whatever I have gained from understanding and working with this platform. I am hoping that my articles will be worthwhile for the readers of LG.