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Thomas Bonham

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Updated: Mar 19 2008


I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and started playing around with my first computer at the age of 14 - starting with Windows 98 (1st edition) and moving on to Windows XP. In the fall of 2003, I started going to Estrella Mountain CC where I learned about Red Hat Linux. Since then, I have passed my RHCT on RHEL 4.0, and have used everything from Red Hat 7.3 all the way up to RHEL 5.1. I also use *nix software for almost everything, since I am very much an Apple user. As a result, I use Windows very rarely.

Since becoming involved with system administration, I have done a lot of programming in PHP, Perl, MySQL, basic Java, and basic C. Almost anything that can be scripted, I do with Perl or C. Within the last year or two, I've started to move everything that I can from flat files to a database-driven page backed by MySQL.

Since the fall of 2004, I have been working in the MCSE and Red Hat lab.