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Henrik Asp

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Updated: Jan 6 2010


I grew up in a society called Torsby in northern Värmland. A ridiculously small town, but with a vibrant LAN society.

Programming was a mental challenge like a blank canvas, governed by logical patterns, or rules of computing, an itch I just had to scratch; be it simple QC, ZMUD scripting, ASM, or CPP.

On the other hand, Open Source seemed like politics without politicians or charity work withpout capital and corruption... So when I tried Redhat at some version 6ish, even though I failed miserably, I was bitten. Later on I tried Gentoo, but gave up. Settled with 98lite with litestep, and later on slimming Win2k to using 25MB memory...

Now I'm hacking on compressed root ramdrives, planning an atomic "package manager" with automatic system snapshots, and some poker-related programming which will probably be released on my blog, while studying computer science at Linköping University.