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Arslan Farooq

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Updated: Apr 26 2007


I'm a student at XYZ University, where I'm studying Practical Magic and Underwater Basket Weaving (actually, I'm getting a B.Sc. at Govt. College Jhelum, but it's almost the same thing.) I've been using Linux since 2001, when it erased my whole HD (and you kids think you have it tough!) I tried again later, and it did the same thing. So I travelled to Islamabad to ask someone (Asad Bhai) to teach me partitioning with Linux - and thanks to him, I no longer have to carry my bits and bytes in a leaky bucket.

After that, I tried every version available in the market. Finally, I settled on Slackware, and have been using it as my primary OS since January 4th 2006.

I love LG. I wonder what John Fisk is doing these days....

In my spare time, I enjoy competitive turtle racing and jumping off tall buildings without a parachute, and spend most of my time in the hospital as a result. For those who are smart enough to realize that I'm joking, here's the real story:

My favourite movies are City of Angels, The Snatch, Forrest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Scent of a Woman, and The Godfather trilogy. I also enjoy listening to Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, U2, and old blues stuff.