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Shobhit Arora

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Updated: Jun 23 2007


I have been working with Linux as long as I remember. I think it was in 1996 when I came across Redhat 5.0 in a chip magazine; since then, I have tried dozens of distribution and currently have Fedora core. I may also have all the Redhat versions since then if I try to look for them. :) I think, eat, and talk Linux.

After being a Linux desktop user for almost 12 years and working on the embedded systems side for 7 years with a big part of it being on Linux, I have seen and felt the growth of Linux. I have also come to a realization that it would be a good idea to be part of a community - to give the world back whatever I have been doing in Linux. Hence, my attempt to write for LG.

Apart from being a Linux freak, I love music, novels (John Grisham), chess, and badminton. I also love adventure sports, including rafting and parasailing, and want to do bungy jumping some day.