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Andrew Murray

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Updated: Nov 26 2008


Andrew Murray is an embedded systems engineer at MPC Data Limited - one of the UK's leading systems integrator. His day to day role fulfils his passion for learning and provides him with a wide range of experiences including embedded Linux such as driver and kernel development, embedded applications development and even Windows driver development. Working on a wide range of projects has allowed Andrew to explore a wide range of technologies such as the inter-workings of PCI Express and High Definition (HD) audio.

Prior to his employment, Andrew graduated in 2007 from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth with a Masters degree in Software Engineering (MEng). His final year dissertation involved the creation of a 'black-box' for a sail plane glider that would assist in the automated marking of aerobatic gliding competitions. Making use of MEMS sensors, barometers, magnetometers and GPS along with Kalman filtering - the device was able to successfully record not only position but orientation in an aerobatic environment.

Being a member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, curator of http://www.embedded-bits.co.uk and (currently) a 'one-time' kernel contributor, Andrew continually tries to contribute to the community more and more whenever possible.