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September 2006 (#130):

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Current LinuxFocus articles:

  • Book review: Linux Email, by Tom Uijldert
    Set up and Run a Small Office Email Server
    "Linux Email" is published by PACKT publishing ISBN: 1-904811-37-X.
    Authors: Magnus Back, Patrick Ben Koetter, Ralf Hildebrandt, Alistair
    McDonald, David Rusenko and Carl Taylor.
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Gnome Journal

Current GNOME Journal articles:

  • The Women's Summer Outreach Program
    You have almost certainly heard of Google's Summer of Code, but perhaps you haven't heard of the Women's Summer Outreach Program, which is also being run by the GNOME Foundation this summer. Davyd Madeley teams up with Hanna Wallach to find out more.
  • Glade 3 sees the light of day
    The GUI designer tool that has been building your GTK+ applications for years is back with a completely new generation of homegrown free software. Supporting all the widgets in the GTK+ 2.8 family, gnomeui widgets, the gnome canvas widget, and a whole new feature set, this new tool is sure to raise a few eyebrows.
  • Tinymail: evolution and intelligent design
    Many people today use mobile devices to stay connected. Dirk-Jan Binnema introduces Tinymail, a memory-efficient framework particularly useful to develop e-mail applications for mobile devices.
  • Behind the Scenes: Davyd Madeley
    Lucas Rocha continues his look at the people behind GNOME with Davyd Madeley, GNOME Applets maintainer and author of the popular 'Sneak Peak' articles. Davyd talks about how he got involved with GNOME, why it excites him and his opinions on the next big thing for GNOME.

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