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(?) (!)
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¶: Greetings From Heather Stern
(?)Open Solaris
(?)Booting a "Live CD" image without a CD
(?)playmidi plays silently --or--
Sounding out the basics becomes ever so complex
we stand in AWE
(?)playmidi plays silently
(?)x86_64 distributions
(?)Why does this connection stop being

(¶) Greetings from Heather Stern

Greetings, everyone, and welcome back to the world of The Answer Gang.
When last you left the party, I was worried that we weren't seeing enough good questions - and their answers. I'm pleased to say that things are looking up... even if it is my arms that are loaded up with this big armful. Thank you everyone, for writing - keep 'em pouring in... the fact is, while Real Life was busy waylaying me, the Gang's been going like, ummmmm, gangbusters.
So feel free to Ask The Gang anything linux-y you'd like.
#include really_cool_notes_about_CSS.h
Hmm. Those are about half done, since I didn't know if I wanted to make them a blurb for you people or continue fleshing it out into a more serious article. I didn't realize we had a history lesson on soundcards going on over in the TAG lounge... all my coffee's gone and this thing still isn't pubbed - time to give it to you gentle readers already! Enjoy!

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