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Analog 6.0: What was new in version 3?

This section lists the new features which were in version 3 of analog.
What's new in version 6?
What was new in version 5?
What was new in version 4?
3.32 (02-Sep-99)
Bug fixes, including: New VMS build scripts. Let me know of any compilation problems.
Computer-readable output now reports version of analog used.
Improved some diagnostic messages.
New language Serbo-Croatian; new domains files for Italian and Russian; corrected Polish language files.
New documentation on Analog's reports and Quick reference.
Now uses named anchors throughout the documentation, so that cross-references link to the right part of a page.
3.31 (19-Jun-99)
New command BARSTYLE; you will need to use new images.
Russian language file corrected.
Some bug fixes, including one important one correcting cache file output.
3.3 (19-May-99)
Can include the date in the name of the OUTFILE and the CACHEOUTFILE.
Support for WebSite logfiles.
New token %U in log formats for "Unix time" (seconds since 1970).
Won't overwrite old cache files.
Now works properly on SunOS 4.
Fix for occasional crashes on Windows.
Checks language files are not too long.
"Last seven days" data now calculated more accurately and displayed more clearly.
Computer-readable output now reports SORTBY's as well as floors.
Revised Makefile will work with older make's.
Corrected Catalan language files.
Includes form interfaces in French and Japanese.
LOGFORMAT documentation now includes the LOGFORMAT commands for all built-in log formats.
3.2 (04-May-99)
Bug fixes: in particular REFLINKINCLUDE pages now works; and cache files now include all items even if they're not wanted for the main report.
Lines without a particular item now work properly with INCLUDE and EXCLUDE commands. This can cause differences in results from previous versions.
New version of form interface to work round bug in Microsoft Internet Information Server.
New command NOROBOTS.
Backslashes are now coerced to forward slashes in filenames and usernames. While not always correct technically, it usually is in practice, and it makes them behave correctly in other parts of the program.
Usernames are now treated as case insensitive. Let me know if this causes a problem on any system.
Computer-readable output style now reports floors.
Rewritten Unix Makefile, and VMS build script. Let me know of any compilation problems.
New languages: Catalan, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian. Corrected Spanish language files and French domains file.
LANGUAGE now selects local domains file automatically, where available.
Removed support for NetPresenz logs. The reasons are in the section on how to upgrade.
Form interface documentation rewritten; FAQ broken into sections; sections on logfiles and log formats separated and rewritten; new section on helper applications; and dozens of other improvements to the documentation.
3.11 (26-Nov-98)
Bug fix version.
Microsoft's attempt at W3 extended format is now understood even if there is a second #Fields: line in the logfile.
There is also a fix for a new Microsoft bug which results in an non-standard common format.
Intermittent crashes under Windows fixed.
Mailing lists announced.
3.1 (17-Oct-98)
Understands Microsoft's attempt at W3 extended format.
Several bugs fixed, including one that caused occasional crashes and one that caused the output to grow and grow.
Form interface works on Windows.
Allows aliases with two or more *'s on left hand side, if right hand side contains no *'s.
Aliases work properly with CASE INSENSITIVE.
Numerical SUBDOMAINs fixed.
Understands more WebSTAR and Netscape tokens.
Accents in domains file work.
LOGFORMAT removed from form interface as security risk.
Several warning messages improved.
Report aliases and in/exclusions shown in settings output.
Character set declared at top of output.
Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), Finnish, Turkish, Greek, Polish, Russian & Chinese language files included.
3.0 (15-Jun-98)
Corrected W3 extended format.
Fix for broken strcmp() function on SunOS 5.
Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Danish and Hungarian language files included.
Precompiled executable for OS/2 available.
2.91beta1 (04-Jun-98)
Form interface included.
Uses less memory when compiling reports.
New operating system, BS2000/OSD, and code for EBCDIC character set.
LASTSEVEN and BASEURL reinstated.
More information added to PRINTVARS output.
AppleScript support for Unix-style command lines added to Mac version.
Now works on SunOS 4, and other small bug fixes.
French, German, Swedish, Czech, Slovak, Slovene and Romanian language files included.
One page version of the Readme included in the documentation.
2.90beta4 (09-Apr-98)
Mended DNS cache file reading, which I broke in yesterday's release.
2.90beta3 (08-Apr-98)
Fixed bug that caused a crash while giving warning messages on SunOS; bug that caused configuration files that called other configuration files not to be completed; and other smaller bugs.
Italian language files included.
2.90beta2 (03-Apr-98)
Separate LOGFORMATs for North American and international date formats, when using Microsoft or Netpresenz logs.
Understands the AppleShare IP server's attempt at the WebSTAR format.
Directory report now works properly even if you use the second argument to the LOGFILE command.
Wild cards in filenames work properly on the Mac.
Other small bug fixes.
One speed improvement (I gain about 3%).
Several corrections and clarifications to the documentation.
2.90beta1 (27-Mar-98)
This version is a completely rewritten version. Every single line of code is new. The whole code is shorter despite considerable improvements in functionality. Several people have reported that it is significantly faster. The most important new features are: The following features have been abolished. The following features are not yet present, but will be added by version 3.
What was new in version 2?
What was new in version 1?

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Stephen Turner
19 December 2004

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